Tools Needed to Repair Window SP started a task thats going to monopolize many weekends this fall, window repair. Our 1950s home has the original windows and the time has come to give these windows a bit of TLC. After starting to work on the first window, Mr. SP quickly discovered that one side of the window sill had started to rot. Repairing a rotten window sill isnt terrible difficult, lets see how to do it! A 3 in 1 Scraper was handy for removing old caulk, chipping paint, and rotting wood. A putty knife was used to mix the wood filler and to spread it in place. A double edged scraper was a great help in removing chipping paint. Mr. SP started the window repair by using the 3 in 1 tool to remove the old caulk. Then he used the double edged scraper to remove peeling paint. The sill had a rotten place and the 3 in 1 tool worked perfectly to remove the rotten wood. At first the rotten spot didnt appear to be too large, but the more he worked, the bigger it got! After the wood was chipped out and the loose paint was removed, the window sill was wiped clean with a damp cloth. Thanks to the Haven Conference, we had a container of Bondo Wood Filler available to use. This 6 oz. container was just enough to repair one window. We have six more windows to go and well use this product for any wood repair that needs to be completed. The great thing about Bondo is that it dries quickly and can be sanded and painted with very little wait time.


Ergo, choosing the right one might just increase the chances of turning more heads, bringing the best out of your… This might have to be done in cases when the home has been broken into or if the latch has worn out due to constant wear and tear over the years. This enables the door to come out easily. Keep this fact in mind, while installing a vinyl sliding, and leave gaps wherever necessary. How to Replace a Single Pane Window Many a time, we delay the process of replacing single pane window due to budget constraints. It also means less energy and time invested if the window counters a broken glass. Oops! To know more about their invention, and their evolution over the years, read this article… Glazing single pane windows helps prolong its lifetime.

The advantages of a vinyl window is it reduces heating and cooling costs, boosts energy efficiency reduce noise. In case you have an aluminium frame, you do not need to put the primer. Oh what solace that would be! Yes, it does give you a different look with the right choice of frame, but then, you surely hear someone say “The one you had earlier suits your face better. Clean the tracks and rollers thoroughly after removing the door so that it slides smoothly in the future. Still, after all those years of wearing your glasses sincerely, you go to the optometrist and feel stupid to not recognize letters in the next line. Also hammer a couple of nails at places from where you removed the trim.


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